A new job, preparing for 1st grade, a well child visit to the doctor that made me cry, summer vacation almost over, and a 3-year-old who suddenly thinks 4 am is a great time to wake up.  In the last month since I’ve blogged I’ve had many moments where I’ve taken 10 deep breaths,  I’ve also had a few that have taken my breath away.

Let me start by sharing my exciting news.  I’m going to leave my current job as part-time server (well almost full time) to become a manager at the other restaurant that is owned by the same people.  This is very exciting for me because getting out of hospitality management was hard for me and I’ve always missed it. Everything in my past worked out for me as to allow me freedom to stay home with my children during the day and I never would have had a relationship with Matt if I never got let go from my last “career” position as service director at Barrington Golf Club. When I worked there I would easily work 80-90 hours per week in the summer and that just isn’t conducive to starting and keeping a relationship. Everything happens for a reason……

Anyways, I am sad to leave Pancho’s because I’ve made some awesome friendships there in the last 4 years and I truly enjoy working there. Pancho’s allowed me to be with my kids, but also have adult time and make some money so I could contribute to my family.  They have treated me very well there and I am grateful.   The customers are great, managers are awesome and the staff is a lot of fun.  The opportunity and timing are right for me to leave and I’m excited and a little nervous to start at Tim’s Tavern at the end of the month. I hope I’m not too rusty at being a manager of people 🙂

Noah had his well child check up recently (he’s 6 now) and it was an off day for everyone I guess.  I had to take Reagan too and waiting at Dr.’s offices is not top of the list for my kids (me either).  Reagan was really needy which made Noah act out cause, heaven forbid, I give her attention. He was good during his exam but as the doctor and I were talking, my kids lost it because now neither one of them were getting my attention and I actually burst into tears right there in the room.  The doctor was really nice and as we were checking out and my kids were on the ground pretending to be dogs crawling around me and barking, grabbing stuff out of my purse and not listening to me at all, the check out woman gave me some sympathy and told them to be nice to me and to listen to me as we were leaving.  It fell on deaf ears though and I silently sobbed all the way home feeling frustrated and embarrassed by my children. I took like 400 deep breaths while at the doctor’s office and I know it doesn’t sound as bad as it was then, but believe me when I say that it was a painful hour and a half for me.

Let’s see, what else….Oh yeah, lately Reagan has decided that sometime between 4 and 4:30 am is a great time to wake up.  It’s not every morning but usually the mornings after I work and don’t actually fall asleep until 2 am.  I guess she didn’t want me to enjoy the new pattern of both kids sleeping peacefully all night any longer and decided that mom really doesn’t need much sleep.  MOM NEEDS SLEEP. When it’s not an infant that I’m waking up to in the wee hours of the day I don’t handle it very well anymore. I’m in and out of consciousness for the first 2-2 1/2 hours then my husband has to leave for work and I HAVE to be awake with her (and usually she wakes brother up super early with her too). By 7:30 I’m really aggravated by everything. Just ruins my day and it never fails that I have to work that night too. I am simply getting older and can’t recover from getting only a few hours of sleep like I could in my 20’s.

This morning Reagan was up at the crack of dark and I tried for a while to get her to lay down and go back to sleep with me.  At some point she climbed in my bathroom closet up to the middle shelf, opened a little 3 drawer organizer thing that I have and grabbed some nail polish without Matt or I knowing.  Then when Matt was taking his shower and I was snoozing, she painted her nails, on my bed, next to me and with Noah.  She painted his shoulder and of course got polish on my sheets and bed.  Mind you she choose bright pink. It was an awesome way to be awoken and jumping out of bed really got the blood flowing. Happy Monday!

It’s only a phase, right????? (I’m hopeful) Maybe she’s trying to prepare me for when I’ll be working the open shift at my new job and have to leave my house at 6 am.?

Onward, Noah will be starting 1st grade in 16 days and I can’t believe it. I just got his supplies and am feeling nostalgic. I came home from work last night and just sat on his bed and stared at him sleeping all peacefully.  I could do that for hours.  My heart bursts with love for him during those moments and I just think about the past and the future and how I’ve messed up and how I’ve done well.  I only stay a few minutes because I don’t want to wake him, but his little face is so sweet and sometimes he’s snoring, and this is a moment that takes my breath away.  No matter what, I love that kid so much and I’m in awe still that I helped to create him. He is a cool little dude, when he’s not being a jackass, and I love him so much!  I don’t dare enter Reagan’s room-she’ll come find me in a couple of hours anyway. Ha ha.

Well our summer break is coming  to an end here soon and I didn’t do 1 pinterest thing that I pinned to make me a cool summer mom. I didn’t do nearly as much “school work” with Noah as I wanted and my house is still a constant state of maintaining (I did get a housecleaning from my awesome friends at work for my birthday, but that was a while ago). On the other hand, everyone is healthy and Noah has been growing good (Reagan too actually), my kids swam a lot, we enjoyed time with big sister Paige when she visited, Noah’s bottom teeth are growing in (FINALLY), I got a new job and we still argue and bicker with each other which means we all love each other. We got to do some fun family things, Noah started Flag Football and we did get a few small projects done around the house. Overall, a successful summer! Now, on to 1st grade 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Nice Ang!! congrats on the new job! Sounds great, now Gib and I will have to come eat fish instead of Mexican… although I am sure we will sneak in a Pancho’s now and then! Let us know when you can do a game night again! that was so fun.


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