Thank you multilingual mom for making me feel bad about myself at the grocery store

I’m super excited that Reagan is finally 3 and can go in the babysitting room at the grocery store. It is such a nice offering there and saves me some sanity. Shopping with little sassafras proves time consuming and frustrating even when just grabbing a few items. You see my children don’t ever just sit still and enjoy “the ride”. I watch other kids at stores sitting there calmly, looking around and being good and I’m secretly envious. Even if I stock my purse with food and distractions, it’s only a temporary fix.

So I patiently waited for Reagan to turn 3 and sent her in and I went to the salad bar and ate lunch in peace for the first time in forever and then I got my shopping done, picked Reagan up and went to the car smiling from ear to ear. Thank you Giant Eagle Market District!!!!
This became a weekly “date” for me. Reagan loves it there and shopping sans a toddler is glorious until last week.

That’s when bilingual or multilingual mom ruined my new found glory.

Picture this, me all happy after dropping off my child (Noah was with his grandpa) and I get my cart, my list and my coupons all ready to go. I start on my shopping journey and am immediately interrupted by a lady (I’m sure she’s the nicest person ever but today I hate her) and her son who appears to me to be about 4ish, sitting nicely in the back of the cart. She grabs my attention because she is blocking the aisle way, talking loudly, and she holds every item up that’s near her, shows it to her calm kid in the cart and asks him how to say that item in French.

“Blop, blup, beep been, wee wee, blah blah”. Is all I’m hearing and then calm kids responds “cordon eli raspberieos, blop bleep.” She either say good or corrects him in French, which I know none of but wee wee and this continues for their entire time there. I roll my eyes, not intentionally but because I’m thinking great lady, you’re taking advantage of a shopping trip to teach your child a different language (I think she was just learning it too from what I heard) and I couldn’t wait to drop my kid off to get away from her for an hour.

I got over my feelings of rage and jealousy rather quickly as I was walking away from them and continued on my quest of stress free shopping, only to be followed by them every aisle I went down.

She was so loud making her kid repeat all these items in French. There are a shit ton of items in a grocery store too!!
She just annoyed me so bad and I couldn’t escape them. They were perfect, smart people (although rather loud) and once again made me feel inferior as a mom.

Why did I let calm kid and fluently French mom get to me so bad?? I don’t know, they were just so in my face and I felt like she was being so loud to show everyone how awesome she was teaching her kid a different language and all. She simply just annoyed me and as I’m getting older, my patience is definitely dwindling and I wanted to go up to her and say “You’re great! Good for you, now shut up and quit going down the same aisle as me! Thank you!”

Of course being the nice person I am and staying rational I didn’t. I just smiled and said to myself, “Thank you multilingual mom for making me feel bad about my parenting at the grocery store!” Then I picked up Reagan and fed her a sucker for using more than one color on her paper this week. That was awesome for us!

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